Illustrations for Literati

Literati - children's book club and subscription service. The company sends monthly boxes to subscribers, with books organized by age and reading level.
The books in this month's Titan box feature a theme of "More Than Meets the Eye". There are different perspectives to everything and things are not always what they seem. The project includes a poster, a bookmark, and three spot illustrations.
Age: 13-16
When I was drawing, I tried to rely on my own imagination. I thought about a simple place where I always imagine mysterious creatures which are hiding from human eyes.
And I thought about woods, of course. The first idea is just about these creatures and a boy and a girl, who went through the forest with many fantasy animals, sitting in the branches and hiding at leaves and trees. I made several sketches to show variation of composition.

And the second idea was also about two children running down the hill, with clouds looking like fantasy creatures. I thought it can be something simple and very familiar at the same time. Everyone often looks at the clouds and sees things, and it is kinda like the worlds intersect.